What are the functions of NPA PAC?

The purpose of NPA PAC is to advance the agenda of the Natural Products Association on Capitol Hill which is achieved through the following methods:

  • Primarily provides financial support to political campaigns to help elect federal officeholders and candidates who understand our business and are sympathetic to the concerns of the natural products industry.
  • Opportunity for PAC members to take a more active role in governmental advocacy and education, to greatly enhance the profile and visibility of the association on Capitol Hill, and to organize a united voice for effective political action.

How is NPA PAC effective?

Pooling funds together in a PAC allows for greater impact than one individual or one company acting alone, thereby allowing for greater effectiveness in education and advocacy.

  • PACs have a great deal of clout, which is imperative for any organization looking to make a difference. NPA PAC not only effectively allows for activists in the industry to be seen and heard on Capitol Hill, it shows that the industry is politically aware and active, and cannot be ignored.
  • NPA PAC has also been successful in developing a solid reputation over the years which the association continues to develop through branding. The PAC earns a seat at the table, which is essential in effectively protecting the interests of NPA members and their businesses.
  • The PAC allows for its members to continue cultivating and maintaining relationships on both sides of the aisle that are critical to developing an independent voice for the industry on Capitol Hill. As we have seen, the relationships developed has been very successful at resolving legislative threats through the years.

How does NPA PAC determine which candidates receive funds?

Every dollar given to the PAC goes directly towards supporting candidates for federal office to promote a favorable political climate for the natural products industry. First and foremost, NPA PAC is bipartisan, which means Members of Congress from all parties can receive donations. Next, staff from the NPA Government Affairs office evaluates potential candidates based on some of the following factors:

  • Is the candidate electable?
  • Does the candidate hold a leadership position or serve on a congressional committee that oversees important and relevant issues affecting our industry?
  • Does the candidate have familiarity with our industry, and support the interests of our association?
  • Does the candidate’s voting record reflect continued support?

Who can contribute to NPA PAC?

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), NPA PAC may solicit:

  • NPA executive and administrative staff
  • Individual and unincorporated members
  • Executives of corporate members that have signed prior approval solicitation forms

Is there a limit to how much I can give?

The FEC allows a PAC to receive up to $5,000 per year from an individual. The total amount contributed is determined by the individual, not the household.

NPA PAC exists as a direct result of the generosity of its members. While contributions of all sizes are appreciated, it is important to build a sizeable PAC. The bigger the PAC, the better and more effective impact it will have on Capitol Hill. Therefore, NPA PAC members are encouraged to give, and to give often!

How can I learn more about NPA PAC?

To learn more, please contact 202-223-0101 or