What is the NPA PAC?

NPA PAC is a voluntary, nonpartisan political campaign fund designed to provide support to candidates for federal office who support association and industry legislative issues. A PAC enables association members to collectively support candidates for Congress who share their interests. This joint effort provides a stronger voice for association concerns than does a single contribution.


Why give to the NPA PAC?

The loudest associations on Capitol Hill are often accompanied by a well-funded PAC. NPA understands that there is a negative stigma involved with political contributions considering the bad players who break the rules. As grotesque some may find political giving, money is 100% necessary for a candidate to successfully run a campaign. Unless a candidate is independently wealthy, a candidate must raise funds to relay their message, whether it be through television ads, a grassroots letter, digital communications to name a few, to future/current constituents. NPA asks that you do not look at the PAC as a DC money hungry machine, but as an investment in the natural products industry. Our responsibility is to elect representatives who are going to invest in the industry, in turn we need to invest in them to make sure they continue to be re-elected.  


Who Receives PAC Funds?

Recipients of NPA PAC’s financial support are determined by several factors, including whether the recipient:

  • Understands and supports the concerns and interests of the natural products industry
  • Has positions and/or a voting record that is supportive of issues of direct concern to the natural products industry
  • Serves on a key congressional committee that considers legislation of importance to the natural products industry
  • Holds a leadership position or has the potential to hold one in Congress


For More Information
To learn more about NPA PAC, contact us at or at 202-223-0101