The Natural Products Association’s Legal Defense Fund


The importance of advocacy at all levels of government cannot be overstated and takes all forms. From grassroots efforts to direct lobbying, it takes a village to continue to adapt to a changing political landscape while maintaining strong relationships and messaging. The rise in the weight-loss drug market, the negative press, and new laws show legislative and regulatory changes directly impact the industry. It is the responsibility of all of us to advocate for the industry, especially when the government, media, and academia overstep. Getting involved with the NPA and its legal defense fund is a perfect place to start.

  • The NPA’s Legal Defense Fund (LDF) supports NPA’s advocacy efforts and amplifies our legal, legislative, and regulatory actions on behalf of the natural products industry and the consumers who rely on natural products for their health and wellness.
  • As the natural products industry continues to face legislative and legal battles at the state and federal level NPA established this fund to further our support and our influence behind these pressing issues.
  • This fund is used for actions and activities that advance the natural products industry and access to natural products.
  • The LDF supports key advocacy initiatives such as reforming drug preclusion, protecting sports nutrition products, and expanding access to natural products.
  • For nearly 90 years, NPA has established a proven track record of actively leading advocacy efforts on natural product issues.
  • Our top-notch government affairs, regulatory, and legal teams have significant experience working with and within federal and state regulatory agencies and legislative bodies.
  • The LDF provides an opportunity for individuals and corporations to provide financial support to fuel NPA’s advocacy efforts that drive change to advance the natural products industry.

Please email us at or call us at (202) 223-0101 if you have any questions or would like to contribute to the fund.