International Relations

Check here for copies of international rules, regulations and other notices that are of significance to the natural products industry.

USDA Codex

The U.S. Codex Office is an interagency partnership that engages stakeholders in the development and advancement of science-based food standards for the benefit of the United States and the worldwide community.

Codex Alimentarius

The Codex Alimentarius, or “Food Code” is a collection of standards, guidelines and codes of practice adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Codex standards ensure that food is safe and can be traded. The 188 Codex members have negotiated science based recommendations in all areas related to food safety and quality.

EU Food Supplement Directive

Directive 2002/46/EC is to protect consumers against potential health risks from those products and to ensure that they are not provided with misleading information laying down a harmonised list of vitamins and minerals that may be added for nutritional purposes in food supplements (in Annex I to the Directive). Annex II of the Directive contains a list of permitted sources (vitamin and mineral substances) from which those vitamins and minerals may be manufactured.