SQF Certification by NPA/UL Partnership

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Through the NPA/UL partnership, NPA is now able to offer SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification to NPA members.  The opportunity to get two certifications (GMP and SQF) with one on-site audit is now a reality.  UL Registrar’s Josh Grauso, technical sales director, will give you an introduction to the globally recognized GFSI Code intended to promote food safety and quality management system conformance internationally.

SQF audits aide an organization to minimize risk and gain consumer’s trust in an organization’s food chain and brand.  Mr. Grauso will give you the key guidelines on how to prepare for your SQF certification and what is required for dietary supplement cGMP and SQF Code Requirements along with insight on what to expect during your on-site SQF audit.

Areas of Discussion will include:

• Preparing for SQF Certification
• Food Sector Categories (FSC)
• SQF Level 1 Certification: Food Safety Fundamentals
• SQF Level 2 Certification: HACCP-based Food Safety Plan
• SQF Level 3 Certification: HACCP-based Food Quality Plan
• Benefits of SQF Certification

Presented on Thursday, June, 25 – 1 hour webinar
Featured Speaker: Josh Grauso,  UL Registrar