NPA/UL Partnership: How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Watch the Webinar

You have heard about NPA partnering with UL, but what does that mean for your business and the industry?

This all-new webinar will offer insight into the NPA/UL partnership. Through this collaboration, UL’s auditors will be trained in the NPA GMP standard, as they will administer the certification program, the audit function and the final decision on whether the product meets the standard to achieve compliance.

NPA and UL developed a co-branded GMP Certification Seal for use in product labeling, such as marketing materials, websites and social media for dietary supplements. NPA is also allowing the use of the NPA mark on product labels for the first time.

Furthermore, you will now have easy access to web-based education and top-notch training modules from EduNeering and ClearView, a web application that provides transparency and a structured process to register a product to positively affect market perception of the dietary supplement industry.

UL EduNeering is designed to better inform dietary supplement manufacturers, distributors, auditors, retailers and other industry stakeholders on a variety of vital issues via various training platforms.

ClearView  is built on a single platform that most retailers are already using, which brings quality assurance testing, audit and regulatory data to help dietary supplements retailers and their vendors manage complex supply chains, make more informed buying decisions, and differentiate their brand.

Featured speakers include Mike O’Hara, General Manager of Global Nutraceuticals for UL, and Corey Hilmas, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at NPA. The featured speakers will provide an introduction to what the NPA/UL partnership entails and how the ClearView education platform can benefit your company and customers.