NPA Member Testimonials

Carlos Lopez - The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe’s Carlos Lopez joins this edition of the NPA Leadership Series to discuss the recently enacted law in New York that will restrict access to supplements and the impact it will have on the industry.


Christine Long - Arbonne International

Arbonne’s Senior Manager for scientific and regulatory affairs Chris Long, joins NPA’s Mike O’Hara to discuss the impact of joining a trade association like NPA has for building consumer trust and connecting the industry with regulatory bodies like the FDA.

Mike DiMaggio - Nutrabolt

Nutrabolt’s Mike DiMaggio joins NPA’s Mike O’Hara to discuss innovation, the regulatory actions or lack thereof by the FDA and FTC, and why Nutrabolt finds value in NPA.

Adel Villalobos - Lief Organics

Lief Organics’ Adel Villalobos joins this edition of the NPA Leadership Series to discuss why it’s important for companies to be engaged with NPA to foster innovation and the NPA difference in helping consumers and industry stakeholders.

Mark LeDoux - Natural Alternatives International

Since 1980, Mark has been a leader in nutritional health, bringing whole food-based supplements to a global population. His company Natural Alternatives International is a leading expert and manufacturer of dietary supplements. They are involved in every facet of the industry, including research, development, manufacturing and marketing, and advocacy.

Jim Emme - NOW Foods

For the last 55 years, NOW Foods has been a member of the Natural Products Association. Together, NOW and NPA have been on the front lines of some of the industry’s toughest challenges. Jim Emme, CEO of NOW, sits down with NPA’s Mike O’Hara to reflect on the relationship and the future of the industry.