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New Year, Same You

January 6, 2021

Daniel S. Fabricant, Ph.D.

A Happy New Year to all of the fine folks out there that occasionally hang in this corner of the internet. You might have noticed that it has been a little quiet over here.  We’ve been fighting for the industry to ensure that businesses like yours can stay open and serve millions of Americans that are turning to products you sell to support their health during the pandemic.  The federal government acknowledged that we are essential, and we have fought in every single state in the country to keep your doors open.

We’re starting the year off right and planning to get this blog up and running again.  Because New Year, new me, new content, right?  But unfortunately, we’re seeing more of the same old bad ideas out of the state legislature in New York.  

Just this week, a bill was introduced in the NY state legislature that would ban the sale of nutritional supplements like protein powder to minors, placing unnecessary burdens on small businesses, and driving people to online retailers while brick-and-mortar stores like yours are fighting to stay open. 

We’ve fought similar proposals like this before, we’re already fighting this one, which is why you belong to NPA (and if you read the blog – become a member, no one likes freeloaders) but why does this seem to become an annual (or depending on the state legislative session, biannual) rite of passage for the industry?

Why do legislators think it’s a good idea to attack our industry, especially now with all the goodwill surrounding our efforts and the science on ingredients like vitamin D, Zinc, and so many other Americans are using to stay healthy?  We’re unsure why, but what we do know is that we need you as an industry, and as a member of NPA to take action and let lawmakers know that proposals like these are unacceptable. 

When we see proposals that burden small businesses, or create programs serving only narrow interests, including the narrow interests of politicians, we have an obligation to speak up. If you have never contacted any of your elected officials (Federal, State or Local) about your role in the industry and the good you or your company does, we’ll make it easy for you.  Click here to take action today. 

Unless of course you’ve already given up hope on your resolutions for 2021.