NPA Will Seek to Overturn NY Dietary Supplement Ban in Court

NPA Will Seek to Overturn NY Dietary Supplement Ban in Court

Washington, D.C. – The Natural Products Association (NPA) today criticized New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s decision to sign S.5823C/A.5610D, legislation to restrict and prohibit access to dietary supplements.

S.5823C/A.5610D would minimize public access to dietary supplements and, in certain situations, require a prescription to access these products. Failure to comply with this legislation would result in fines for each infraction.

“It’s disingenuous and flat-out wrong to suggest the use of dietary supplements causes eating disorders, and FDA data proves it,” said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D. president and CEO of the Natural Products Association. “The dietary supplement industry has an extensive history of providing consumers with well-researched, trusted products as evidenced by the 80% of Americans who use at least one dietary supplement as a safe and affordable way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Governor Hochul’s decision to prohibit access to safe and reliable dietary supplements like amino acids, creatine and other essential nutrients is fundamentally flawed and only hurts consumers.”

Governor Huchel vetoed a similar bill last December, voicing concerns that the state’s health department lacked the critical expertise needed to evaluate ingredients used across various dietary supplement products.

NPA previously sent a letter requesting that Governor Hochul veto the legislation, highlighting the ways in which the proposal is anti-consumer choice and would negatively impact public health. This letter can be viewed online here.