NPA Testifies for Record on FDA CBD Lethargy in CBD Rulemaking

NPA Testifies for Record on FDA CBD Lethargy in CBD Rulemaking

Washington, D.C. – The Natural Products Association (NPA) today provided official testimony for the record about the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) glaring lack of progress on any meaningful path towards regulation of CBD, an ingredient in products sold nearly everywhere in the United States. This lack of regulatory guidance comes despite the FDA’s public commitment to doing so more than four years ago.

“As the leading natural product industry trade association, we have spearheaded the charge to create a lawful pathway to market for foods and dietary supplements that contain cannabidiol (CBD),” said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., president and CEO of NPA. “NPA worked with the House Appropriations Committee in 2019 on language to force FDA to set a daily consumption level, as that is the primary question on Main Street: ‘How much should I use daily?’”

“Instead of collaborating with Congress and industry to use its existing legislative authority wisely, FDA has embarked on the pursuit of a new regulatory empire via a ‘center’ for cannabis/hemp. Based on what happened with the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) at FDA, another new center will be yet another huge expense, likely costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars, more delays — and as we’ve seen with CTP, no demonstrable functionality as a regulator.”

It’s been almost 30 years since dietary supplements became a part of FDA law, during which the FDA has wasted considerable time claiming confusion on CBD despite a clear pathway. This guidance remains increasingly important, with industry guidelines needed to promote product safety and quality for U.S. consumer.

“FDA will claim that they need more time, however this assertion is deliberate and not without severe public health consequence and further confusion in the marketplace,” added Dr. Fabricant.

Further NPA commentary for the record regarding the House Oversight and Investigations Committee’s “Hemp in the Modern World: The Yearslong Wait for FDA Action” hearing can be found online here.