NPA Grassroots and Lobbying Efforts Block NY Bill to Restrict Access to Supplements

NPA Grassroots and Lobbying Efforts Block NY Bill to Restrict Access to Supplements

ALBANY, NY – Due to the Natural Products Association’s (NPA) grassroots network, the only one in the industry, a bill in the New York State Assembly that would ban the sale of safe and legal dietary supplements to consumers under the age of 18, was pulled from consideration late Thursday.  NPA’s successful campaign against the bill, asking members to urge the Governor and legislators to reject it, garnered over 3,000 letters in opposition to S.16/A.431.  NPA, which has testified in the past against similar proposals, was blocked from testifying in opposition as the chief sponsors bypassed traditional committee consideration during the legislative process.

If the bill was enacted, it would represent the first time a U.S. state has banned products that contain ingredients found in common foods and beverages and may be subject to legal challenge.  Feeding America reported in March that 13 million children (1 in 6) may experience food insecurity in 2021.

“NPA’s industry-leading grassroots network was solely responsible for blocking this legislation and similar bills.  Special thanks to all of our grassroots advocates who’ve sent over 7,000 letters to their legislators in states that have introduced proposals like this one to restrict access to supplements.  We appreciate the dedication to the industry and making their voices heard in state capitols across the country,” said Mark LeDoux, Board of Directors Chairman of the Natural Products Association.

“NPA invests significant times and resources in protecting the industry against wrongheaded proposals like this one.  Had this legislation been enacted, it would have cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in compliance.  We are thrilled NPA was once again able to get the industry a much-needed victory.” said Daniel Fabricant, President and CEO of the Natural Products Association.