NPA Emerges from Chapter 11 Proceedings “Stronger and More Competitive”

NPA Emerges from Chapter 11 Proceedings “Stronger and More Competitive”
Trade Association Cites New Hires, Advocacy Victories, and Professional Education Program as Proof


WASHINGTON, DC – The Natural Products Association, the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit trade association representing the natural products industry, announced today that it will exit chapter 11 bankruptcy effective immediately.  A judge granted NPA’s filing to dismiss the case after just over six months of court proceedings.

“This was a business decision, it was the right thing to do, and it is an exciting day for NPA because we emerge stronger and more competitive.” said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., president and CEO.  “Now that this is settled, we can more efficiently focus on our strengths – delivering the best advocacy, insights, and information at the best value to the industry and the millions of natural products consumers across the country. Going forward, we will be intensely focused on enhancing our offerings, driving disciplined and results-oriented operations and building an integrated and educational experience.”

“As shown by our activities during these proceedings — adding new executive leadership, clinching legislative victories at the federal and state levels, and maintaining NPA’s best-in-class educational and advocacy events — we proved why we are the industry leader and have been since 1936.  NPA also earned recognition as a Codex Alimentarius observer, meaning NPA will contribute its expertise to the development of global health standards.

“Our successful and accelerated emergence from chapter 11 is a testament to the hard work of our board, staff and advisors. It was their tremendous effort and dedication that allowed us to manage this necessity. It is also a testament to our over 700 members and their loyalty to NPA.  I am honored to lead this incredible organization forward as we continue to provide our members and the industry at large — as we always have — with unmatched value and service.”

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