NPA Announces Annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Fly-In Day

NPA Announces Annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Fly-In Day

Washington, D.C. With the announcement that Congress is once again open to the public, the NPA is excited to announce that its annual federal government advocacy “fly-in” day on Capitol Hill is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7.  Interested parties can reserve their spot and make hotel reservations here. A full list of activities will be made available in the coming weeks, but the event has become the leading gathering point for industry representatives to meet with Members of Congress and explain how public policy can help or hurt the thousands of Americans who are part of the industry or the millions of Americans who safely use nutritional supplements every day and prefer natural products over chemical-based products.

“We have a brand new Congress with new leadership, new chairpersons, and new members in key committees, and we are competing with our critics for their attention. As they say in Washington, you’re on the menu if you’re not at the table. Engagement matters; over the last year, we’ve seen firsthand the damage that scientifically baseless proposals could have on the natural products industry, and those proposals have come very close to happening,” said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D. president and CEO of the Natural Products Association. “This year’s fly-in day will present attendees with the opportunity to talk about the industry’s most pressing issues, including the drug exclusion clause, reshoring, NMN, and CBD. If you’re passionate about ensuring consumers have access to products that will improve their health and ensuring the industry has clear and fair rules to deliver these products, this event is for you.”

“I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to be heard in Washington and in state capitals across the country.  But in addition to the important work of explaining our industry and the significant  benefits that our products can provide to public health, this event is also a prime networking opportunity and chance to talk directly with NPA staff about any issues of importance,” said Mark LeDoux, Chairman of the Board of Directors for NPA.

Last year, NPA prevailed on a range of industry threats proposed in Congress and in state legislatures, largely due to its industry-leading grassroots network and government relations team.

Natural Products Fly-In Day

NPA organizes and hosts this national advocacy conference to provide retailers, suppliers, and all industry stakeholders from across the country with the opportunity to make an impact. There is no registration cost to attend and NPA arranges all meetings.

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