News Releases 2016

News Releases 2016

NPA Adds 18 New Members, Representing the Diverse Range of Natural Products

Published Monday, December 19
The 18 new members represent diverse areas of the natural products industry, including supplements, personal care products, pet products, food, herbal products, organic bedding and industry services.

New FDA Guidance for New Dietary Ingredients Might Encourage More Skirting of Regulations Altogether, says NPA
Published Tuesday, December 13
NPA submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding its draft guidance for New Dietary Ingredients (NDI).

NPA Welcomes Efforts to Promote Transparency in Natural Products Industry
Published Tuesday, December 6
NPA responded to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcement to begin making data from CFSAN’s Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS) available to the public on

Dr. Daniel Fabricant, NPA CEO, to appear on “The Doctors” to Talk Kratom
Published Monday, December 5
Dr. Dan Fabricant will appear on the CBS talk show “The Doctors” today alongside guests to debate the serious concerns about the use of kratom.

NPA Tells Drug Enforcement Agency that Kratom Poses Threat to Public Health, Could Cause Serious Unintended Consequences as Nation Struggles with Opioid Addiction
Published Tuesday, November 29
NPA Touts Strong Safety Record of Dietary Supplement Industry in Comments to U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency

Natural Products Association Congratulates Donald J. Trump on Election Victory
Published Wednesday, November 16
Promises to Work with Administration to Promote Access to Safe, Affordable Natural Products

FSIS Issues Notice on Nutrition Facts Labeling
Published Wednesday, November 16
FSIS says that firms may voluntarily choose to use the Nutrition Facts Label format of the recent finalized NFL Rule of May 27, 2016 for labeling meat and poultry.

House Threatens to Overturn Any Finalized Rules
Published Tuesday, November 15
House majority leader and chairmen urge all regulatory agencies to not proceed with finalizing any rules this year while threatening to overturn them.

NPA Supports the Lawful Marketing of Vinpocetine in the U.S. in Comments to FDA
Published Monday, November 7
NPA submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in response to the Agency’s recent actions to ban vinpocetine.

NPA Efforts on PROMESA Forces Puerto Rican Secretary of Health to Delay Onerous Restrictions on Dietary Supplements
Published Thursday, September 22
Following a sustained effort by NPA, the Puerto Rican Secretary of Health today announced that a moratorium would be placed on Administrative Order 346.

NPA Developing Massive Safe Harbor Dietary Ingredient Database for Industry Members in Response to NDI Draft Guidance
Published Wednesday, September 21
NPA announced today it is in the later stages of developing a comprehensive safe harbor list of pre-DSHEA dietary ingredients for the industry based largely on evidence from past media reports, advertising, and other public sources.

NPA Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to the Natural Products Industry
Published Thursday, September 15
NPA announced winners of the 23rd Annual NPA Awards, honoring outstanding individuals in government and businesses that have made valuable contributions to the success of the natural products industry.

FDA Considering Vinpocetine Ineligible as a Dietary Ingredient
Published Tuesday, September 6
FDA today released an unprecedented Federal Register (FR) notice (Docket No: FDA-2016-N-2523) with major implications for acknowledged new dietary ingredient notifications.

NPA Keeps Up Pressure on Puerto Rico Over Arbitrary New Fees
Published Tuesday, September 6
NPA submits comments to Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico after ensuring the issue would be subject to task force review.

DEA Kratom Change “Toothless” Without United States Government Enforcement, Says NPA
Published Wednesday, August 31
NPA today responded to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) decision to add kratom and mitragynine to its list of schedule I drugs.

NPA Requests Extension Period for Commenting on Final GRAS Rule to Determine Impact on Consumers
Published Monday, August 29
NPA submitted a formal request to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an extension of the comment period by 60 days regarding the opportunity to comment on the final rule for substances Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) that was published on August 17th.

NPA Requests Extension Period for Commenting on Revised Draft Guidance for New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notifications
Published Wednesday, August 24
NPA submitted a formal request to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an extension of the comment period by 30 days regarding the opportunity for stakeholder comment on the newly released guidance re-draft for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications.

NPA Warns Supplement Industry to Brace Itself for the Upcoming NDI Draft Guidance
Published Wednesday, August 10
NPA has announced that the much anticipated New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Guidance will be released this month and most likely tomorrow.

NPA Welcomes New Retail and Supply Members
Published Tuesday, August 9
NPA added 59 new members to its ranks in 2016, following up on last year’s strong membership expansion.

NPA to Meet With Congressional Task Force
Published Friday, August 5
Stakeholders will submit comments to the Congressional Task Force that will examine Puerto Rican AO 346 as a result of NPA’s grassroots and government relations efforts.  NPA will work directly with The Task Force to provide input on the damaging effects of Administrative Order (AO) by meeting will all eight of its members in the coming weeks.