Performing Recalls

Performing Recalls

Recalls- they can happen to the best of companies. Even with strict adherence to cGMPS there are many places between you and the consumer that could result in a product recall. Your company’s preparations for a product recall are key to surviving as well as keeping your relationship with your customers. But is your company prepared to conduct a recall?

Learn what the FDA expects from companies after a product recall including discussions on:

  • Hazard analysis and risk to consumers
  • Recall strategy
  • Root cause analysis
  • cGMP requirements
  • SOPs for product recalls
  • Conducting Mock Recalls
  • Preparing press releases to consumers and media

Having your entire company prepared for when a product recall takes place can save you money and time. This webinar is relevant and valuable for anyone whose job requires an understanding of dietary supplement regulation including company owners, senior management, regulatory affairs, advertising and marketing, and QA/QC personnel

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