Dietary Supplement and Conventional Food Labeling 101

Dietary Supplement and Conventional Food Labeling 101

One word on your dietary supplement product can misbrand and/or adulterate your product. Learn the basics of labeling your product properly and avoid a warning letter from the FDA. Do you understand the difference between nutrient content and health claims? Do you know what information and the format that must be included on the Nutritional Facts Label? This webinar will cover everything from labeling basics to the intricacies of structure function claims. Areas of discussion include:

  • What is required to be on the label and where it should be located
  • Where to list your ingredients and how they should be listed
  • Differences between claims (e.g., structure/function statements, nutrient claims, health claims, etc.) and where to use them on your label
  • Learn how your product claims can turn your dietary supplement into and unapproved drug
  • Where does your responsibility with social media stop regarding claims made on websites, social media, and testimonials
  • What is required for ingredient declaration and allergen disclosures
  • When special labeling provisions apply
  • The complete label elements that are required for FDA and USDA products
  • What and how you can make product claims on food products
  • New updates to the FDA’s Food Labeling requirements

Don’t wait until you receive a warning letter from FDA. Attend this webinar to make sure your dietary supplement and food labels are up to FDA regulations. With all the litigation and lawsuits happening in the industry right now don’t allow your product being mislabeled to put your company in jeopardy too. This webinar is relevant and valuable for anyone whose job requires an understanding of dietary supplement and/or food labels and product claims including company owners, senior management, regulatory affairs, advertising and marketing, and QA/QC personnel.

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