Cosmetic Labeling 101

Cosmetic Labeling 101

Do you know what can cause your cosmetic to be misbranded? Not knowing what is mandated for labeling requirements could trigger action from the FDA. Learn how the FDA defines a cosmetic and how the claims you make on your product can make your product misbranded and/or adulterated. Find out what you need to know before importing/exporting products. Not understanding labeling requirements can put your company in an unpleasant situation with the FDA. Areas of discussion include:

  • Cosmetic Labeling Requirements
  • What you need to know before Importing and Exporting Products
  • How to avoid Misbranding and/or Adulterating your product?
  • When you need to have tamper resistant packaging
  • What to do when your cosmetic is also classified as an OTC
  • What you can’t say in your marketing (social media, internet, marketing materials, tv, and radio)

Find out what the FDA looks for when looking at cosmetic products and reasons for triggering a warning letter. This course is relevant and valuable for anyone whose job requires an understanding of how personal care products are regulated and can be marketed in the United States, including company owners, senior management, regulatory affairs, advertising and marketing, and QA/QC personnel.

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