Adopting Cosmetic cGMPs for Consumer Confidence

Adopting Cosmetic cGMPs for Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence is hard to gain and easy to lose. By adopting the cGMPs your company demonstrates to consumers its commitment to safety and product quality. cGMPS ensures that processes are sufficiently controlled so that products meet their established specification for quality, purity, and composition. Key topics in this webinar will cover:

  • Steps to implement cosmetic cGMPs
  • Avoiding adulterating cosmetics
  • Current FDA guidance on cosmetic cGMPs
  • Tools to improve operations

Having procedures in place for cGMPs doesn’t mean anything unless everyone is on the same page. Educating, training and auditing your own facility ensures that your company is dedicated to providing safe and quality products to your customer. This course is relevant and valuable for anyone whose job requires an understanding of how personal care products are regulated, manufactured and marketed in the United States, including company owners, senior management, regulatory affairs, advertising and marketing, and QA/QC personnel.

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