Regulatory Update on NAC – Webinar date TBD

Regulatory Update on NAC – Webinar date TBD

Following the Natural Products Association’s historic steps to ensure the natural products industry continues to sell NAC, we anticipate the FDA will announce their policy on NAC enforcement discretion in coming weeks.

In light of this, NPA will be hosting a webinar free to NPA members to share insights and analysis. While the date and time are currently TBD, we encourage you to reserve your spot for this webinar. Once the guidance is released, we will announce a date and time for this webinar.

The Natural Products Association has kept NAC on the market for the entire industry, and we will continue to encourage NAC companies who are benefiting from NPA’s efforts to become part of the association.


Dr. Dan Fabricant, PhD – NPA President & CEO
Kevin Bell – Attorney, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

Registration Fee:

NPA Members – Free
Non-members – $199

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