2023 NPA Congressional Fly-In Day

2023 NPA Congressional Fly-In Day

Join the Natural Products Association on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, for our 2023 Congressional Fly-In and meet with members of Congress.

Please join the Natural Products Association on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, for the 2023 Congressional Fly-In. This event allows NPA members across the supply chain to meet directly with their members of Congress to discuss public policy impacting the industry.

Day on the Hill is a time for all NPA members to get involved with advocacy to protect our industry and clients. Congress makes decisions about the products and services you offer that may dramatically impact you and your businesses. Without your participation in the political process, they will be making these decisions in a vacuum.

The Annual NPA day on the hill is a cornerstone of the NPA advocacy program. It demonstrates our members’ commitment to the Natural Products Industry and improving health and wellness for all Americans.

Thousands have participated in the NPA day on the hill over the last decade, the largest in the industry. The next decade promises to be as full of new initiatives and challenges that the industry and our Nation’s health must face. NPA and its members will be there to provide knowledgeable, thoughtful, and persuasive input to key policymakers.

Join advocates from around the Natural Products industry for a day of education, inspiration, and networking. This advocacy event will allow you to hear from experts on pending legislation and policy. We will train you to advocate to your legislators for issues affecting the Natural Products Industry, and then we’ll take you to the Capitol to implement your new skills! The more voices we have, the louder our message will be!

The day starts at 7:30 AM followed by training and education from our experts about what it means to be an advocate and to lobby up at the Capitol. You will learn about NPA’s legislative priorities for 2023 and how to speak to your legislators about them. We’ll then head to the Capitol to advocate our priorities! We will be up at the Capitol for a couple of hours and then enjoy some time with one another and members of congress to recap the day in a fun way.

Every association has an iteration of “Hill Day,” “Legislative Conference,” or “Fly-in,” where its members come to Washington, DC, to speak directly to their members of Congress on issues of importance to the industry. Hundreds of NPA members will be on Capitol Hill for our annual Hill Day. This is a powerful experience and, in many ways, the most basic form of the democratic process. These constituents have the ability to schedule a meeting with their elected representatives or their staff to discuss issues of importance to them and the association. Members of Congress will always feel the weight of an issue when the constituent can make a personal connection, and drawing upon those stories is quite effective. For our industry, this includes everything from job creation to all we do to keep the nation healthy day in and out.

With the 118th Congress underway, it has already been bombarded with special interest groups seeking to meet with members of Congress and their office staff. These groups have been introducing themselves to freshman members of Congress while solidifying previous relationships with the more experienced lawmakers.

It is truly an incredible experience for Natural Products advocates to head up to Capitol Hill for the first time and for those more experienced participants. When a constituent advocates for a cause they believe in and are passionate about, it empowers them to become more politically and professionally engaged. It enables a person to tangibly connect with their history, with the policies they are fighting for and allows them to fulfill their civic duty of participating. This is real support for the industry we love, and so many Americans look to daily to maintain their health and wellness. Advocating for a cause on Capitol Hill provides citizens the platform to provide critical feedback to a lawmaker and serves as a check on the legislative branch by those it represents.

Registration closes on May 8, so don’t wait. Register today.

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Please click on the link below for hotel information.

Thompson DC | Natural Products Association Group Rooming Link

The Thompson Hotel is located at 221 Tingey Street SE, Washington D.C, 20003.



I’ve never advocated before. Will there be any help?

Yes! We welcome those who are new to lobbying to join us. We need your voices! To help new advocates, we will be holding a “How to Lobby” training on the morning of June 7th to teach you the basics. You’ll learn tips and tricks to get a hold of legislators when at the Capitol and what to say. We’ll even practice with some role-playing exercises.

In addition, we will be holding a webinar-based presentation of NPA Intro to Advocacy, the national program for grassroots advocacy training. This will be done the week prior to the event. The presentation will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for those unable to join that day. Instructions on how to join will be emailed to attendees after registering. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE DATE OF THE WEBINAR.

I’ve advocated up at the Capitol before. Do I need to attend the lobby training at 7:30?

The choice is yours, but there will be breakfast and coffee. All attendees are welcome to participate, but we understand that some attendees may wish to skip this session and arrive later in the morning. We ask all attendees to evaluate their comfort level and skill set with lobbying when deciding whether to participate in the training. We will provide position papers at the training.

Will I be talking to lawmakers face-to-face?

Yes, every attempt will be made to schedule a meeting with the legislators who represent you. If your legislator cannot meet with you, you will get to talk with one of their key staffers. Your meeting will generally last 30 minutes, and you’ll be given specific talking points and training about what to cover during the meeting.

What Should I Wear?

Dress professionally to meet with legislators. A business suit or slacks/skirt and a jacket are appropriate for lobby day. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Also, bring an umbrella and a picture I.D.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Kyle Turk at 202-204-4720/