Committees & Workgroups

NPA can only be as good as the companies who support the Association. We rely on our members and experts in the industry to engage through our expanding number of committees and to assist with the vast amount of comments we submit to federal and state agencies. NPA has outpaced its competitors by submitting more state, federal, and international comments than any other trade association operating in the natural channel (dietary supplements, personal care, home care, etc.).

Committee and work group members are expected to attend all committee and work group meetings. The typical committee or work group will either meet by conference call or in person at trade shows three to four times a year. Meetings usually last about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Members are expected to prepare for each meeting by familiarizing themselves with the materials provided by staff for the meeting and participating in the decision-making process.

Please email or call (202) 223-0101 ext 107 (John Modero) to join a committee and request information.

  • Associate Committee: The Associate Committee reviews and proposes actions regarding issues on companies that provide services to companies in the natural products industry.
  • Communications Committee: Committee members have an expertise in marketing, communications, and event management. The committee recommends, advises, and consults with NPA staff in matters regarding promoting of NPA presence and educational programs in order to maximize engagement with the industry and members.
  • Committee for Product and Label Integrity (ComPLI): Working with the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Department, committee members develop positions referred to as “Backgrounders” on key scientific and compliance matters facing our industry. The committee oversees the Association’s TruLabel and GMP program and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Association’s quality and purity standards.
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall adopt ways and means of providing adequate revenues for the efficient and economical conduct of the affairs of the Association, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee Chair and members of the Committee shall be nominated by the President/CEO and Chair and elected annually, or until their successors are elected, by a majority of votes cast by the Board of Directors.
  • Governance Committee: The Governance Committee reviews existing policies and bylaws to ensure proper alignment with goals and to protect the association. Proposes changes or enhancements where needed.
  • Medical Foods Committee: The Medical Foods Committee will keep abreast of laws and regulations, recommend action when appropriate, and work with NPA to establish a more clearly defined medical foods classification.
  • Membership Committee: This committee shall provide guidance in the development of membership in the association by looking at trends and communication channels favored by the up-and-coming generation.
  • Natural Personal Care & GMP Technical Working Group: This work group reviews and proposes actions regarding manufacturing personal care products and ingredients, with particular focus on GMP certification for the cosmetics industry.
  • Natural Seal Work Group: This work group reviews and proposes actions regarding personal care and home care products with particular focus on the NPA Natural certification program.
  • Probiotics Committee: This committee will keep abreast of laws and regulations specific to probiotics and will recommend advocacy action when appropriate.
  • Sports Nutrition Committee: Led by the Senior VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, committee members consist of leading Sports Nutrition brand executives. The committee acts as an industry watchdog to ensure safety standards are upheld and to promote transparency, integrity and fairness of the industry.